When I think of what happens in my everyday life, reflect on the past, or think about the future, very rarely do the concepts of good and evil factor in. I do not believe my life’s purpose is to defeat evil or promote good (or defeat good and promote evil, for that matter).

I just had strawberry ice cream. I do not particularly like strawberry ice cream, but I was just reading about ice cream, wanted some, and strawberry was the only kind we had available (strawberry = worst berry). There was nothing apparently good or evil about that decision, nor was it motivated on my part by any such considerations. I wanted some, and I had it.

It might have been an evil decision on the part of the migrant workers who pick strawberries in slave-like conditions, for the cows repeatedly forced to reproduce and give up their offspring, for my pancreas when I develop diabetes, or for the trash collector who is forced into an early retirement when the ice cream container that I finished off proves to be the straw that (quite literally) broke the camel’s back (literally back-breaking, not literally camel).

It might have been a good decision from the viewpoint of the ice cream vendor who can now afford a down payment on a house, or for the mouse that hides in the ice cream container (after it falls off the garbage truck) to get away from the hungry snake.

Most likely, it was just ice cream.


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