That is my Myers-Briggs personality type: Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving. I have taken the test probably about six or seven times (school, therapy, on my own) and have gotten the same result every time. So, I think there’s something to this.

I think that a lot of people are introverted–probably most people. We just have to act like we’re extroverted all of the time, because sometimes life seems like a giant pep rally.

Intuitive, in this sense, is the opposite of sensing. My understanding is that this is like focusing on the possible versus the reality.

Feeling, as opposed to thinking, is a way of making decisions.

I have the hardest time with perceiving versus judging. The terminology is confusing, because it seems to have to do with openness versus order, as opposed to ways of thinking about the world.

The career suggestions for INFP tend to be in the arts or healthcare. I have, at different times, been drawn to both. So I guess that makes sense.

Most of the composers I can think of seem like they would have fit most of the INFP categories. Wagner, as always, is a big exception. But then I got to thinking about some of the recent advances that have brought music and science closer and closer together: what about those people? Jumping off from two that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, Xenakis and Babbitt, I started wondering what it was in their personalities that drew them to music. Xenakis, I know, started life as an architect. Babbitt was always a musician, although he had intended to study math in college. Both men used rigorous composition processes that seem to take any intuition and feeling out of music. I do not mean that as a slight. Unintuitive and objective music has its place. It just seems very strange that someone with the personality to carry out that sort of work would have been drawn to music in the first place.


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